Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Turn your favorite activity into a fundraiser for PMP Pals! Lemonade stands, 5Ks, book reading — whatever your fancy — you can have fun and inspire your friends and family to support your efforts.

Email us to create a personalized, web-based giving page through

Become an Athlete Ambassador
Ariel’s Fitness Challenge (Athlete Ambassador Ariel Mierendorf, pictured here, competes in triathlons and endurance events to prove life is worth living beyond a Stage IV cancer diagnosis.

Thinking about training for an endurance event? Join Ariel as a PMP Pal Athlete Ambassador and set a fundraising goal along with your physical goal! An endurance event can be anything from setting a personal walking goal to running a marathon. Walk 1000 miles in 2024 and celebrate it by raising $1,000 for PMP Pals. Sign up for that half marathon you’ve always wanted to do and make your miles meaningful by raising $1,310 (in honor of 13.1 miles)

Facebook and Instagram Fundraisers are simple and secure. You can create a fundraiser to celebrate your birthday, a cancerversary or even, honor another patient or caregiver. We recommend setting your goal to a minimum of $500. Need help setting up your fundraiser? Email us to schedule a time to walk you through each step.

Tips for Instagram and Facebook Fundraising:

  • Make it personal! Personalize your fundraiser with details of why you are raising money for PMP Pals.
  • Use photos/videos that are related to the cause
  • Make a donation to show your commitment
  • Share your progress on a weekly basis and save progress posts to Instagram story highlights
  • Remind your donors to ask their employers about matching gifts
  • Ask your employer if they will match your fundraising total
  • Start your fundraiser during a special month, such as: Appendix Cancer Awareness month (August), National Caregivers Month (November), your birthday month
  • Create reasons to ask for donations throughout the campaign, for example: Fundraising Fridays
  • Suggest donations, such as: $25 for Pals 25th anniversary, $55 for your 55th birthday, $5 for 5th year cancerversary
  • Add a 30-60 day deadline to create urgency (you can easily extend your fundraiser)

Host an Event
Want to get your friends and family involved? Here are a few ideas where you can request a suggested donation for all guests who attend:

  • Trivia night
  • Golf, tennis, kickball, cornhole, ping pong tournament
  • Virtual 5K
  • Tea party
  • Charity happy hour with a special guest bartender, YOU!
  • Dinner or gala
  • Create your own walk, run or bike ride
  • Cooking competition
  • Don’t forget to include: 50/50 raffle, silent raffle, and/or door prizes

Have more ideas to add to this list? Let us know!