Leadership Team

The PMP PALS Leadership Team is comprised of PMP survivors and caregivers committed to offering support, access to information, and hope to people affected by PMP and related cancers. The team ensures patients and caregivers have access to current and relevant information, including a global, curated, global database of surgeons who treat the disease.

The Leadership Team coordinates programming, including weekly HOPE ZOOM’s, direct support initiatives, and monitors daily communication from patients and caregivers through email and social media.

Adele Jasion

Adele Jasion


A PMP survivor since 2011, Adele joined the Pals Board in 2015. She underwent successful CRS and HIPEC treatment at UPMC in September 2011. A CPA and founding partner of one of the largest public accounting firms in Northwest Ohio, her financial expertise and leadership abilities will serve Pals well in the coming years. Adele was honored and humbled to receive the Gabriella Graham Patient Advocacy Award in 2018.

Charmaine Skillman

Charmaine Skillman


Charmaine is a retired attorney living in Austin, Texas with her husband and Jack Russell-chihuahua mix. In 2009, Dr. Sugarbaker performed her cytoreduction surgery with HIPEC. Gabriella Graham was instrumental in guiding her to life-saving treatment, thus inspiring Charmaine to volunteer with PMP Pals to help others. A board member since 2012, she celebrated her 25-year diagnosis anniversary with a 1000-mile-tribute walk benefiting PMP Pals.

Mark McMahon


A PMP survivor since 2003, Mark joined the Board in 2015. Mark is a scientific instrument salesman for Thermo-Fisher Scientific, the friendly photographer at our annual conferences, and avid Porsche owner. He and his wife, Libby, live in California