Patients who learn more about their condition generally have better success in managing the disease.  PMP Pals wants you to be one of those patients.  In this “Learn” section of our website, we offer informational resources to help you understand this rare cancer.  As part of our mission to educate, we deliver information in many ways — videos, links to medical articles, FAQs, glossaries, and more.

Next, be sure to visit our “Support” section to sign up for the PMP Pals programs that will connect you not only to our organization but also directly to other patients and caregivers, if you wish to do so.  Our peer support will enhance emotional resilience for this challenging journey.  And then, check out our “Find Treatment” section.

We want you to find the right treatment by the right specialist at the right time.  Together, these three main parts of our website will help you LEARN, CONNECT FOR SUPPORT, and FIND TREATMENT.

diagnosis and FACTS

Here you’ll find an overview of appendix cancer/PMP.  Share this page with friends and family who want to learn more.


Arthur is a retired pediatric surgeon who is also a PMP patient.  Visit his page for an overview of HIPEC, one of the most common treatments for appendix cancer/PMP, and his list of introductory medical journal articles.  You can “Ask Arthur” a question, and though this is not a forum for giving personal medical advice, Arthur can help you understand medical concepts so that you can have productive conversations with your own physician.

video library

Here you will find videos of our popular HOPE ZOOM physician presentations. And, you’ll find videos from leading physicians and researchers who have spoken at PMP Pals conferences. You will learn so much from these top-notch experts!