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PMP Pals is the world’s oldest global volunteer-run organization that gives hope to patients and caregivers fighting Appendix Cancer, also known as Pseudomyxoma Peritonei or PMP.

PALS Programming

We provide information and support through our many free programs including:


HOPE ZOOM is a weekly, live and interactive, videoconference series where patients and caregivers share strategies, advice, support, and encouragement.


PMP Pals offers a curated, global list of surgeons who treat PMP patients. Many of the surgeons listed have presented for PMP Pals HOPE ZOOM’s and Conferences. The list is updated regularly.


The PMP journey is physical and emotional. PMP Pals support programs let you know, you are not alone. Pals around the globe send inspiration and hope through personalized notes and cards, Bare Bottom Bears, Pal Mentors, Facebook, and weekly the “HOPE ZOOM,” video conference series.


Supporting patients and caregivers in a personal and direct way set PMP PALS apart. Please provide your contact information to learn more about PALS, upcoming HOPE ZOOM video conferences, Physician-led HOPE ZOOM’s, and personalized support for patients and caregivers. 

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