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PMP Pals is the world’s oldest global volunteer-run organization that gives hope to patients and caregivers fighting Appendix Cancer, also known as Pseudomyxoma Peritonei or PMP.  We provide information and support through our many free programs including:

  • Get Well Cards – Pals from around the world send you cards after surgery or to celebrate a survival anniversary
  • Bare Bottom Bears – our oldest program that sends you a personalized teddy bear
  • PMP Pals Facebook Page – see pictures of Pals living life abundantly, even with a rare cancer
  • Ask Arthur – get answers to your clinical questions from retired pediatric surgeon and PMP survivor Arthur
  • Pal Mentors – for patients and caregivers, carefully chosen to match your diagnosis and demographics, no matter where you are in your journey
  • Quarterly Newsletters – help educate you on the world of PMP and sharing stories of inspiration
  • PMP Pals Web Site – provides a wealth of information to help Find a Surgeon, access our support programs and honor those no longer with us
  • Blogs – provide detailed information about important topics you may encounter such as wound care, financial support or alternative therapies
  • Pal Handbooks – A different handbook for each phase of the journey, from preparing for surgery to recovery, to coping with chemotherapy
  • Events – meet us throughout the year at various fundraising events and symposiums
  • Annual Conference – join the Pals at our Annual Conference for networking, support, and inspiration

If you or someone you know is affected by this rare cancer, please contact us today at so we can provide HOPE to YOU!

PMP Pals does publish the latest research and provides ideas for treatment, but it is NOT qualified to provide medical advice. Patients MUST consult with their physicians to establish their treatment, recovery, and follow up plans.

Note:  If you want to access the legacy PMP Pals web site, click here.  There’s still plenty of good information and references that you can use!

PMP Pals has HOPE for YOU!

PMP Pals has HOPE for YOU!

Last updated: June 4, 2020

We get knocked down, but we get up again!

Up until the age of 45, I had never had anything wrong with me or even been an in-patient to stay in hospital.

Chris England

Vanessa has survived 20 years!

May 19th is just another day for many, but this year it will mark my 20th year of being diagnosed with PMP.  What was to be a “simple” surgery ended up being the first day of my journey.  I knew something went wrong as I was being wheeled on the gurney to my room at […]

Marissa’s Journey

My husband John and I had been married for just over a year, we were trying to have kids and for months nothing was happening. So Nov 2016 I went to my OBGYN to figure out what was going on. She said your entire pelvic area is swollen I want you to get an ultrasound. […]

Marissa Iamello

Thank you to everyone

Thank you to everyone who wrote me cards. I had successful CRS + HIPEC surgery March 28 of this year, however the doctor recommended six months of chemo because some cells were considered higher grade. That was tough news to bear especially after the mother of all surgeries. Luckily the cards came to me as […]

Marissa Iamello

Your Bare Bottom Bears made a huge difference!

Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer Stage 4 and I am so frightened that I will die from this. I am 46, single and lonely. My parents recognize the fact that I need them now more than ever and I stay with them very often so I’m not suffering alone. […]


Never say “things can’t get worse”!

I’m a 44 year old mom of three teens. In 2013 I had gone through losing my home, losing my husband to drug abuse and prison and almost losing my mind. Through all of this you can imagine that my health was last on my list! In October, after months of little pains in my […]

Shannon Rider

Pal JoAnn H. Shares Her Inspiring Story of Triumph!

It started exactly 2 years ago when I was 64 years old. At some point I had decided that I wanted the be a healthy old person so I have been careful about my diet and have exercised regularly; I had been feeling absolutely fine. One day I started feeling an excruciating pain in my […]

Cancer talk- patient2patient

I was diagnosed with pseudomyxoma peritonei in 2002 after surgery with the closest oncologic surgeon to where I lived (six hours away). At the time of diagnoses I was 32 years old, had two small children ages 3 and 7, and was the ‘working mom’ while, by choice, my husband was home with the kids. […]


Melissa N.

I just wanted to send out a huge Thank You to all those that took the time to write the letters and cards I received. They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Even though CRS/Hipec surgery was May 12 I’ve had a few set backs and have been admitted back into the hospital 3 […]

Dani C.

A huge THANK YOU and giant hug to all my PMP Pals who sent such heartfelt cards and a comforting, adorable Bare Bottom Bear!! They arrived just when I needed a boost. Any time I feel low, I can just look at this display of love and know that I’m not alone. Thank you with […]

Laura D.

Dear PMP Pals, Thank you so much for my beautiful cards. They really brightened my day! The bear was adorable!

Laura D

Jill W.

I am grateful for the cards and sweet bear that I recently received. Thank you for caring.

Jill W.

David H.

Earlier this week a large envelope arrived in the mail from PMP Pals. I had no idea why or what it was. When I opened it, I quickly realized that numerous other patients from all over the country took their precious time to share best wishes, thoughts and prayers with me and for me. It arrived at just […]

David H.

David A. – It May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Aging men often grow what is commonly referred to in Australia as a “Beer Belly.” Whilst not a drinker I too managed to acquire such a thing which, I believe, began to appear when I was in my early fifties. In my mid sixties, (I am now 71) finding it increasingly difficult to pass through […]

David A.

Rod H.

Steadily over a few years in the early 2000’s, I’d put on a few extra pounds around my stomach area but thought it was normal as I had just entered my fifties. That was until I had a bout of feeling sick and bloated which led me to seek my general practitioner’s advice. After a second opinion from […]


As I sit down in the California sunshine before our departure for Shanghai, China, I just want to say a big “Thank You!” Thank you for reinvigorating the PMP Pals Network which is a tremendous source of support, help and inspiration, and for all the generous help that I am fortunate to have received from […]


So as I mentioned, my sister went back into the hospital, but this time she wasn’t alone. There was a Little Bear waiting for her (she got it, they were getting ready to return to sender). She said it made her night and when she told me the story I could hear the comfort and […]

Misty P.

I was thrilled to see the blog about disability.  Pal Mimi had asked me if anybody ever applied for or got disability as they progressed through our disease, and I answered yes, but it takes a long time to get disability.  So I was pleased to see that there’s an expedited process.  I was thrilled to […]

Pamela J. M.

Thank you. This post on Roger G’s testimony offers me hope and inspiration. I’m 26 days post-op Cytoreduction and HIPEC.

Pamela J. M.

Roger G.

My diagnosis came as a complete surprise even though once discovered, my condition had progressed to a remarkably extensive degree. Never felt ill, never felt run down, never felt any pain, and never felt off kilter from the usual everyday self. Being an outdoor and hiking enthusiast I did, however, feel a need to lose […]

Roger G.

Cecilia R.

I want to thank all the PMP Pals who sent me cards and notes of encouragement after my recent CRS and HIPEC surgery here in Vancouver, British Columbia June 24th.  The cards came to me just when I was experiencing frustration with the whole process and did they ever cheer me up!  It was fantastic to hear of other […]

Cecilia R.

Chris P.

Approaching the Christmas season of 2004 I was at the top of the world with a new job at a pharmaceutical company, attending a top-tier business school, and my wife was pregnant with our first child. On Christmas Eve I learned I was also a cancer patient with advanced PMP. I was lucky my local […]

Chis P.

Arthur R.

I am 73 years old. I have pmp. I have had an ileo-colectomy, two HIPEC procedures and a full course of FOLFOX chemotherapy. I am also a retired surgeon. I practiced pediatric surgery for 37 years. Despite multiple oral and written exams to retain my board certification in both general and pediatric surgery, I never encountered a […]

Arthur R.