Privacy Policy

PMP Pals’ Network Privacy Policy

Our basic policy: we treat your information as private.  PMP Pals’ Network respects and protects the privacy of information of its members and expects all individuals participating in the organization to do the same.  Members of this Network may not share or disclose sensitive information in a manner that associates the information with an identifiable individual unless the individual has agreed. For example, in a website article celebrating a Pal’s recovery from surgery, progress with a chemotherapy regimen, or years without evidence of disease, the Network will use only a first name unless the Pal has agreed to be fully identified in the article.  Sensitive information includes medical diagnosis, treatment, and Network member contact information.  We refer to Unites States laws such as HIPAA as well as international standards to establish privacy practices that our members expect for their sensitive information.

Limited disclosure necessarily occurs when you participate in Network programs.  Because the Network operates programs that put Pals in contact with other Pals (for example, support groups) and that relate to medical procedures (for example, the mentor program), at times we will disclose your medical condition or your contact information to other Pals as necessary for the functioning of our programs. Each Pal chooses which programs to participate in; by choosing to participate in programs that necessarily require sharing of information among other Pals, you consent to sharing information with the Pals involved in those programs.   For example, if you join a chemotherapy support group, the Network necessarily discloses that aspect of your medical condition to other Pals in the chemotherapy group.  Or, if you request a mentor for upcoming surgery, the Network will disclose to your mentor the information you have given us about your diagnosis and surgery so that the mentor can assist you.

The Network uses your information to run our organization.  The Network uses information you provide us to run our organization, to provide services, and to contact you about our activities. For example, we may send you emails, and we may contact you for fundraising purposes for Network operations.   We may compile statistical reports using your information.

The nature of our Network means sensitive information is at the heart of our communications.  Because the Network exists to support patients and caregivers dealing with serious medical conditions, much of our communication is devoted to celebrating successful treatment outcomes and offering encouragement during difficult times.  In posting articles about our members’ experiences, we use first names of the Pals to avoid publicly identifying a particular individual with a particular medical situation.  Please be aware that our website is open to all, so these articles may be read not only by Network members but also by the public in general.  Members of the Network understand that we are an organization of individuals, and our strength is based on the experience of individual patients and caregivers.  Sharing those experiences is essential to the work of the Network.  By joining the Network, you acknowledge that the Network may share or disclose sensitive information about you, though the Network will always strive to handle that information in accordance with this policy.

Disclosure to third parties.  Other than information available to the public in general, the Network does not disclose information about Pals that we have in our possession to marketing companies, insurance companies, or medical providers.  We do not sell members’ information to third parties.  The Network will disclose information consistent with legal requirements if we are required to do so by applicable law or by an order of a court or administrative body with authority, or by a subpoena.

Changes.  The Network reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time.  Any revised policy will be available on the Network’s website.  Any changes will apply to all information we have about you.  Membership in the Network is conditioned on agreement with the Privacy Policy.  Members agree to continue to comply with the Privacy Policy after active membership expires in order to protect the privacy of other Pals.

Member’s Agreement.  By becoming a member of the PMP Pals’ Network, I agree to follow the Privacy Policy and I agree to the Network’s use of information as indicated in the Privacy Policy.