When you get home after major gastrointestinal surgery you will overall do better if you make most of your fluid intake from what’s considered an ‘isotonic’ fluid source.

The ‘tonicity’ of your fluid effects how well it is absorbed. You can wiki both hypotonic fluid (water) and hypertonic fluid (sugar drinks, juice, etc) if you want more detail. The hypertonic drinks are a very bad idea immediately post bowel removal. I recommend you visit the University of Virginia Digestive Health Center’s online recipe for “Homemade Oral Rehydration Solutions.”

Also, if you have SBS (short bowel syndrome), it is recommended that you avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sorbitol containing medications. Sorry to be a killjoy. The good news is that your bowel can adapt to make up for your absorption problems for up to two years post surgery and your diet options can increase with this adaptation.

Be patient as things do get better with time. You can do it!!!

– Linda King

diet after surgery