By PMP Pal member, Adele

Our Pal Patient, Elizabeth, has recuperated from CRS with HIPEC and is returning to her job soon.  Today she asked her fellow Pals for helpful suggestions for returning to the office.  Pal Mentor, Adele, came forward to offer the following suggestions:

  • Be realistic about what you can accomplish during the day.
  • Ask your supervisor for flexibility in your work schedule while you transition back into your working life.
  • Bring hand sanitizer and Lysol to work with you, and use them.
  • Avoid anyone who has a cold or a cough!
  • Bring nutritious, high protein, small meals and snacks so that you can eat a little throughout the day.
  • For women, consider carrying a smaller, lighter handbag.
  • Dress comfortably. When selecting shoes, choose safety and comfort over style.
  • Be careful about lifting anything heavy.  Your surgeon will advise you of weight limitations.
  • Ask for assistance in opening heavy doors.

If you find yourself becoming tired over what were previously routine tasks, like walking from the parking lot or from one building to another, pace yourself, remember that your body is still healing, and allow yourself extra time for routine tasks, if needed.

Your colleagues and co-workers will be happy to see you back on the job and will likely want to assist you in any way they can…let them!


GivingTuesdayTuesday, December 1, 2020