What Does HOPE Look Like?

What Does HOPE Look Like?

We Have HOPE for You group photo

What Does HOPE Look Like?

“We have HOPE for you!” has always been a PMP Pals catchphrase. But, what does that really mean? Here are just a few impact stories from the last year:

For those newly diagnosed.  A new patient and his wife questioned whether it would be worthwhile to go through any treatment at all, given a tough diagnosis. HOPE = taking the leap to start treatment after meeting Pals who are living life fully and having more days to spend together. 

For those who are told there is no hope. One patient came to Pals after being told several times there was no treatment for him.  HOPE = finding a surgeon who saw things differently, after Pals’ tips and encouragement.  Months after his surgery, HOPE = enjoying family events, travel, and a new outlook on life. 

For those with recurrences.  One of the most wrenching experiences is a recurrence after surgery or chemo. HOPE = trying treatment again, inspired by encouragement from Pals with recurrences.

For those with side effects. Pals are known for sharing peer experiences on all kinds of topics you can’t talk about with others: bowel obstructions, digestive problems, anxiety,  and more. HOPE = learning from those who have “been there.” 

For those facing surgery.  Having a rare cancer is lonely enough; heading into the operating room and not being sure what you will (or won’t) come out with amps anxiety. HOPE = having a Pal to talk it through with, someone who really understands life with this bewildering rare cancer. 

For those in their last days.  Though we hope for effective treatment for each patient, we know that some will succumb to this disease. Pals’ phenomenal volunteers are steadfast friends for many patients (and their families) in their last weeks. HOPE = friendship, connection, love, all the way through. 

We Have HOPE for you with select Pal imagesHOPE = all the daily interactions Pals share to encourage, inform, and support each other. Your contribution during our fundraising season will continue to grow HOPE in our community.