We’re always scanning medical journals, practitioner magazines, cancer-focused blogs, and our partner websites for resources about this rare disease. Depending on where you are on your appendix cancer journey, you may be searching for information about current treatment practices, recovering well, and technology advancements showing promise in 2, 5, or 10 years. Be sure to check the footnotes references at the end of every reading. Here’s what we turned up this past week that may be of interest to you:

UPyTher aims to make peritoneal cancer treatable with a chemogel, company website, 6 July 2024

The impact of stage, grade, and mucinous histology on the efficacy of systemic chemotherapy in adenocarcinomas of the appendix: Analysis of the National Cancer Data Base, Various physicians, first published: 27 October 2015

Effective Cancer Pain Management Key to Maximizing Mobility in Cancer Patients, Oncology Nurse Advisor, 8 July 2024

Drug Shortages Still Affecting US Cancer Centers, Survey ShowsOncology Nurse Advisor, 8 July 2024