There is an abundance of excellent medical information about treatments for appendix cancer/PMP on the Internet.   We have compiled a list of treatment options your physician may mention.

Remember, your treatment will depend on what your diagnostic tests show – the “histology” of your cancer (i.e., what the microscopic structure of the cells shows about where your cancer originated), where your tumors are located, how large your tumors and mucin accumulations are – as well as factors like your overall health and history of previous surgeries. Understanding your specific diagnosis and having a complete copy of your medical records will help in your search.

As you read about treatment, you will encounter a focus on finding the right surgeon and hospital center.  This is because surgery, with or without HIPEC, is the most common treatment for appendix cancer/PMP.  We recognize that surgery is not the right treatment for everyone.  Many instead will have systemic chemotherapy; some will pursue other treatments.  This list is a starting point to help you understand treatments normally used for this kind of cancer.