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Thank you to everyone

Thank you to everyone who wrote me cards. I had successful CRS + HIPEC surgery March 28 of this year, however the doctor recommended six months of chemo because some cells were considered higher grade. That was tough news to bear especially after the mother of all surgeries. Luckily the cards came to me as I came home from my first chemotherapy infusion. It gave me hope. I am happy to say I am halfway through the chemo. All my love to anyone going through this.

Marissa Iamello

Melissa N.

headshotI just wanted to send out a huge Thank You to all those that took the time to write the letters and cards I received. They couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Even though CRS/Hipec surgery was May 12 I’ve had a few set backs and have been admitted back into the hospital 3 times. The package came during my most recent stay. The words of wisdom were very comforting. Even though many said the same things all the doctors have been trying to tell me, it sunk in when I heard from those who have gone through it. I am slated to start oral Chemotherapy at the end of August. 8 cycles of two weeks on one week off. Hopefully all of my secondary issues have resolved themselves by then. Thank you again for taking the time to care!

Dani C.

Dani with Cards and Bear April 2016A huge THANK YOU and giant hug to all my PMP Pals who sent such heartfelt cards and a comforting, adorable Bare Bottom Bear!! They arrived just when I needed a boost. Any time I feel low, I can just look at this display of love and know that I’m not alone.

Thank you with all my heart, Dani C.

Laura D.

Dear PMP Pals, Thank you so much for my beautiful cards. They really brightened my day! The bear was adorable!

Laura D

Jill W.

I am grateful for the cards and sweet bear that I recently received. Thank you for caring.

Jills Bare Bottom Bear April 2016

Jill W.

David H.

Earlier this week a large envelope arrived in the mail from PMP Pals. I had no idea why or what it was.

When I opened it, I quickly realized that numerous other patients from all over the country took their precious time to share best wishes, thoughts and prayers with me and for me. It arrived at just the right time, as I recently began thinking I had “plateaued” in my progress…and the only complication I have had, a hernia, has been testing my patience, for sure.

Honestly, I had trouble reading the cards without peering through tears of joy at what each person had written. It was riveting that strangers, whose only link to me was a common disease, surgery and recovery experience, had reached out with such caring words and loving support. And then when my wife arrived home from work and saw the cards, she broke down, too!

Please pass my heartfelt thanks to all of those who participated in this valued gesture.

David H.


As I sit down in the California sunshine before our departure for Shanghai, China, I just want to say a big “Thank You!” Thank you for reinvigorating the PMP Pals Network which is a tremendous source of support, help and inspiration, and for all the generous help that I am fortunate to have received from the amazing Gabriella and the entire Network. I also want to thank you for the loving Get Well Cards you have organized, they have melted my heart. I am recovering steadily and well and with God’s grace will continue to heal in recovery. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your family.


So as I mentioned, my sister went back into the hospital, but this time she wasn’t alone. There was a Little Bear waiting for her (she got it, they were getting ready to return to sender). She said it made her night and when she told me the story I could hear the comfort and gratitude of knowing that someone cared enough to send her the little bear.

Misty P.

I was thrilled to see the blog about disability.  Pal Mimi had asked me if anybody ever applied for or got disability as they progressed through our disease, and I answered yes, but it takes a long time to get disability.  So I was pleased to see that there’s an expedited process.  I was thrilled to be able to refer her to the article.

Pamela J. M.

Thank you. This post on Roger G’s testimony offers me hope and inspiration. I’m 26 days post-op Cytoreduction and HIPEC.

Pamela J. M.

Cecilia R.

I want to thank all the PMP Pals who sent me cards and notes of encouragement after my recent CRS and HIPEC surgery here in Vancouver, British Columbia June 24th.  The cards came to me just when I was experiencing frustration with the whole process and did they ever cheer me up!  It was fantastic to hear of other people’s journey and realize that I was just in the middle of mine!

Having a Pal to speak to on the phone was fantastic also.  Someone that could relate to everything I was going through and give me hope that it would all get easier.  I want to help others now myself as a mentor because this journey is incredible and those going through it need to have a survivor to give them encouragement.

Thank you again Pals. You are forever in my heart!


Cecilia R.