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Meet the Leadership Team

The PMP Pals mission is to provide information to and support for patients and caregivers fighting cancer of the appendix, also known as pseudomyxoma peritonei or PMP. The organization is a registered California nonprofit public benefit corporation being run by a Board of Directors that consists of PMP patients and caregiver volunteers. The Board of Directors is supported by esteemed volunteers that run the many free programs offered by the organization to fulfill their mission. Volunteers are also patients, caregivers and friends impacted by cancer of the appendix and PMP. Take a moment to meet the PMP Pals leadership team:


Board of Directors

Chris Piekarski - President

Chris Piekarski has been a PMP survivor since 2004 and the President of PMP Pals since 2015. Chris underwent successful CRS, HIPEC and chemotherapy treatment with Dr. Sardi in his hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. Chris is also a Professional Services Manager for Varian Medical Systems where he helps hospitals around the world plan and implement complex IT projects. Chris lives in San Diego, California with his wife and two daughters. Chris enjoys growing the organization so it will continue to offer support in perpetuity for those fighting appendix cancer around the globe.

Adele Jasion - Treasurer

Adele Jasion has been a PMP survivor since 2011 and the Treasurer for PMP Pals since 2015. Adele underwent successful CRS and HIPEC treatment at UPMC in September 2011. She is a CPA and founding partner of one of the largest public accounting firms in Northwest Ohio. Adele’s friendly demeanor greets you when you email

Libby McMahon - Secretary

Libby McMahon is a nonprofit finance director living in Carmel, California and the Secretary for PMP Pals since 2015. She was a caregiver for veteran Pal and Board member Mark McMahon. Libby has helped us form the Board, secured our non-profit applications with the state and federal governments, and helps with fundraising.

Mark McMahon has been a PMP survivor since 2003 and has been a Board Member since 2015. Mark is a scientific instrument salesman for Thermo-Fisher Scientific and many will remember Mark as the friendly photographer at our annual conferences.

Mike Hitchener is a PMP survivor and veteran Pal Mentor who has been a Board Member since 2015. Mike works for Saint-Gobain and is currently making his health his primary concern.


Mike Grattan - IT Manager

Mike Grattan is the IT support behind PMP Pals and helps with our web site, email, contact databases and much, much more. Mike is also an IT Director for a produce grower/distributor in Salinas, California. Mike and his wife Angela have been integral to the history of PMP Pals by supporting its earliest web site which so many remember, and by supporting and caring for Gabriella Graham throughout her final years

Charmaine Skillman - Mentor Program Manager

Charmaine Skillman is an 18 year PMP survivor and a retired attorney living in Austin, Texas. Charmaine manages the Mentor program and is happy to pair you with a mentor carefully matched to your demographic, your disease and your place in the journey fighting cancer.

Pat Olsen is a retired Nurse Practitioner and caregiver for her daughter who was successfully treated for PMP in 2013. Pat coordinates our popular Get Well Cards program and is thrilled to send cards to patients and caregivers needing support. Send her an email at today, tell her a bit about your circumstances, and she'll rally card writers around the world to send a wave of love and support that we guarantee you'll never forget.

Linda Abrao became involved with PMP Pals through her sister Doris, who was a close friend of Pals' founder Gabriella Graham. After Doris passed away from colon cancer in 2008, Linda took over the Bare Bottom Bears program. She continues her involvement to honor the memory of both Doris and Gabriella. Linda is herself a breast cancer survivor.

Misty Price is a PMP survivor since 2006 and a veteran Pal Mentor. Misty enjoys writing blogs which share information, hope and support for our fellow patients and the caregivers working hard to manage new health concerns.

Dani Church is a PMP survivor since 2012 and retired Marketing Agency Staff Writer. Dani tirelessly edits the bi-monthly Newsletter that shares stories of hope and information to Pals around the world.


The Leadership Team monitors email daily and meets weekly to manage our programs and ensure we’re able to support  patients and their caregivers as quickly as possible. Survivors and caregivers ourselves, our greatest joy is providing timely advice and being part  of the support system for people affected by PMP and related cancers.

The Network

PMP Pals has a network of hundreds of Pal Mentors around the world. Whether you're a patient or caregiver, we're happy to connect you with others that have been where you are today. No matter what your stage in the journey, we're here to support you.