Juiced Bikes and Andy & Rachel Voge Give Back Giveaway - photos of E-bikes with mountain behind and two phtoos of Andy & Rachel outdoorsIn 2021, electric bike manufacturer Juiced Bikes gifted Andy Voge, PMP Pal and multi-organ transplant pioneer, an E-bike during his cancer journey. Just this week, they reached out to Andy again. This time, they want to give another bike to someone who has played a role in Andy’s story. In Andy’s words, here’s his take on all this:

Before my cancer diagnosis, I loved mountain biking.  Being outside in the fresh air, getting the heart rate up and the camaraderie with fellow riders made it one of my favorite things to do.  When I lost the ability to eat and had to rely on a feeding tube for my nutrition, my energy decreased rapidly and within a month I found myself no longer able to get out and ride.  On top of all the other things that come with this cancer journey, losing beloved hobbies can be one of the hardest. Slightly to my avail, it was October in Minneapolis where I live so the biking season was already winding down for the winter.  I tried riding my trainer but with the malnutrition and constant dehydration I was facing, it was just too taxing to exert that much energy to stay strong enough to bike.

My brother-in-law, Tim, bought a set of Juiced Scorpion E-bikes in the early spring. Tim was one of my regular mountain biking partners, so when he got the E bikes he invited me out for a ride. While it is a different experience than the riding we were used to doing together, it was amazing in so many new ways, not least of all it was something I could still do with my quickly fading energy.  The E-bike allowed me to pedal when I could but rely on the motor for the times when my strength wasn’t enough and eliminate the fear of running out of energy too far from home to get back. After seeing a picture that Tim posted of our ride together, Juiced reached out to me and said they wanted to give me a Juice Scorpion of my own so that I could continue to ride.  I was shocked when they called and I really didn’t think they were serious until the next day when I got the shipping confirmation email.  By this point my cancer was inoperable, I was on IV nutrition and hydration, had quit my career and was solely focused on creating as many meaningful memories with my loved ones as I could, especially my wife Rachel.  We were able to get Rachel an E-bike as well, and I cannot completely put into words how much having bikes meant to us at that point. Rachel and I have always loved outdoor adventures together and to again have one that I could do and we could share together was an incredible blessing in an otherwise dark time.

Juiced has stayed in touch with us as we have traversed the cancer path and gone far beyond what I could ever expect from a bike manufacturer. True to form, Juiced reached out again and said they would like to gift another bike to someone who has played a part in my story.  I couldn’t think of anyone that I would rather direct that gift to than another PMP patient who could experience all that comes from being able to return to something they love, hopefully with the people they love.

 Juiced Bikes would like to ship out this E-bike in time for Christmas. Here are the Entry & Eligibility details
  • You must be a PMP Pal, diagnosed with appendix cancer or PMP.
  • You must live in the United States (due to shipping restrictions – sorry global Pals!)
  • You can accept e-Bike delivery around Christmas time.
  • You honestly intend to use the E-bike yourself.
  • You agree to share photos and your story with PMP Pals and Juiced Bikes.
  • Read more about Andy’s experience in the Juiced Bikes blog here.
  • And

Enter today – don’t delay… deadline for entry is December 15, 2022.