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In Memoriam


We recently received sad news from our Pal Denise about her daughter Sherry.  Earlier this year, Denise contacted Pals for support for Sherry as she fought PMP. We have learned from Denise that on October 19, 2015, Sherry lost her battle with cancer.  Sherry was 27, was married to Anthony, and was a beautiful, caring, kind, responsible, loving…bright shining star.  Denise fought hard for Sherry and with Sherry, and we are heartbroken to hear of her loss.  If you would like to send condolences through Pals, please use the following address:

PMP Pals’ Network
Attn:  Denise
225 Crossroads Boulevard
Suite 390
Carmel, CA 93923


We recently received sad news from our Pal Kristy that her grandmother Debby has passed. Her family states “There is no way we will ever be able to explain how important our Mother was to us and how much we will miss her. She was a dancer and an artist who lived her life passionately and unapologetically. She had a strong faith in God and in the wisdom of his plan for all of us. She was the single mother of three children Denika, Regina and Roger.  The strength of her love for her children was fierce and equaled only by her love for her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She fought  cancer of the appendix for over fifteen years through countless surgeries and treatments.” Debby’s family notes they will miss her love more than words can express.

Pal Schatzi had taken the time to visit with Debby after Debby’s recent move. Pals also recently took the time to send Debby Get Well Cards to encourage her while she fought PMP. Debby was also friends with our very own Gabriella Graham, the founder of PMP Pals. We’re saddened by the news of Debby’s passing and continue to wish the best for her family.

If you would like to support Debby’s family by making donations to her Celebration of Life planned for August 2016, please go to this website:

Linda King

Linda King PA-C, R.D., died peacefully in her sleep on June 27, 2018. Linda was originally diagnosed with a bloated abdomen caused by PMP in 2002, was misdiagnosed by the original surgeon at the University of Utah medical center, and suffered an incomplete debulking of the tumor with a lot of tumor caught in surgical scar tissue. Refusing to accept her grim prognosis and determined to see her young children raised to adulthood, Linda used her medical training to research aggressive therapies. She was an early patient and proponent of Dr. Sugarbaker’s heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy and complete debulking technique, which allowed her to live disease free for eight years. Linda subsequently underwent seven more surgeries under the skilled care of Dr. Sugarbaker and Dr. Bartlett. Despite increasing pain and successive physical limitations, Linda continued to practice medicine until two years ago when she simply wasn’t able to physically do the work. She finally let her certification lapse in April of 2018 after it became clear that her condition was terminal. Linda was a natural caretaker and took great pride in being able to share some of her experiences in her PMP blog, “Eat Like a King.” As a practitioner, Linda was frustrated that a single gene (MUC 2) could lead so many people to having PMP. She continued to believe that a technique to inhibit mucin production was just around the corner. Although you will never find a sweeter natured person, Linda had an underlying stubborn streak and was not shy in seeking aggressive treatment or aggressively advocating for herself or her patients. Linda was a skilled diagnostician and caretaker who was loved and inspired many people around the world. God Bless you Linda. I hope we can soon see the day when PMP is no longer the complicated disease that it is today.

Best Regards,

Brent King. Loving husband.