Eat Like a King!

Linda King writes about diet and nutrition for PMP patients in her regular column Eat Like a King

Linda King

PMP Pals is privileged to have had Linda King offer her expertise for your diet after HIPEC surgery for pseudomyxoma peritonei. Linda was a long term PMP survivor diagnosed in 2002. Sadly, Linda passed away recently. (See Memoriam written by her husband Brent on our Memoriam page.) During her time as a patient she broke all the rules: having an ostomy for 12 years, which was reversed, and having been on TPN twice, each for stretches of nine months at a time. She also practiced as a dietitian, a physician’s assistant and a family therapist enabling her to support the physical and emotional needs of patients and caregivers fighting PMP. As a tribute to Linda’s legacy we will continue to take your dietary questions at: Although it is imperative that you formulate your dietary plan with your physicians, her blogs can offer some excellent points to consider. You can find Linda’s blogs here:

Eat Like A King

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