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Your Post PMP Surgery Diet

By on Oct 11, 2016

After any major gastrointestinal surgery, you need to ensure you get sufficient calories and nutrients once your bowels are functioning again, but you’ll have new concerns with your modified digestive tract. You’ll want to be careful about what you eat, especially in the early weeks, and make sure you don’t cause yourself a blockage, which is...

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Practical Advice for Dealing with the Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Appendix Cancer and Pseudomyxoma Peritonei

By on Jan 28, 2016

Systemic chemotherapy is prescribed for some patients with PMP and related cancers, either before surgery to reduce the tumor load, after treatment  to prevent recurrence, or to enhance quality of life. There are a variety of drugs that can be prescribed; the oncologist will choose the most appropriate ones for the patient’s individual situation.  While the...

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Changing Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Tumors and How We Can Treat Them

By on Jan 3, 2016

I’ve recently been asked what patients may have done to cause their appendix cancer to recur more aggressively. In this blog I’ll share some thoughts on why pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) may change over time and the strategies you might employ to combat these changes. It’s an important discussion because it’s natural for PMP to change and...

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Obstructions: Causes & Prevention

By on Oct 18, 2015

Cancer patients may experience obstructions and blockages prior to, and/or following surgery. Obstructions may affect patients experiencing gastrointestinal disorders/diseases for a variety of reasons; among them: tumors, adhesions, and inappropriate dietary choices. Due to the challenges caused by obstructions, patients should consult with their own physician...

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Post Operative Nausea and Vomiting

By on Jul 22, 2015

PMP Pals recently received a question from a caregiver: My adult daughter had CRS and HIPEC three months ago, yet still feels nauseated with occasional bouts of vomiting. Her surgical oncologist says it will take a few months for her digestive system to “wake up.” Is this normal? We responded: Each patient’s case is unique; it’s not unusual for patients to...

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