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The Importance of Protein After HIPEC

By on Nov 24, 2016

I decided to talk about protein today because because of its importance to healing post surgery and because, well, it’s Thanksgiving.  Remember not to rely on my information alone but to discuss your diet with your Doctors, medical providers, and Registered Dietitians that make up your nutritional support team. The purpose of protein: The purpose of protein is...

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What To Drink After Surgery

By on Oct 16, 2016

When you get home after major gastrointestinal surgery you will overall do better if you make most of your fluid intake from what’s considered an ‘isotonic’ fluid source. The ‘tonicity’ of your fluid effects how well it is absorbed. You can wiki both hypotonic fluid (water) and hypertonic fluid (sugar drinks, juice, etc) if you want...

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Your Post PMP Surgery Diet

By on Oct 11, 2016

After any major gastrointestinal surgery, you need to ensure you get sufficient calories and nutrients once your bowels are functioning again, but you’ll have new concerns with your modified digestive tract. You’ll want to be careful about what you eat, especially in the early weeks, and make sure you don’t cause yourself a blockage, which is...

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Bacterial Involvement in Pseudomyxoma Peritonei?

By on Sep 24, 2016

PMP Pals is always amazed at how families support PMP patients in their time of need, and how they often remain engaged in our tight-knit community. This blog explores the exciting work being done by some of those people, like the Microbiome Team determining the role bacteria plays in the development of PMP, and how antibiotics might play a role in its treatment....

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It’s OK to get a second opinion

By on Sep 14, 2016

   When I was first diagnosed with PMP in 2002 there were basically no treatment options presented to me by my local oncologic surgeon besides just more surgery.  I was patted on the head and told to go home until it grew back.  They estimated that I would have at least a few years (but probably no more that 5) and a few more surgeries before my imminent demise....

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