I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Arthur Rettig and I am the Arthur in the “Ask Arthur” site on I am 78 years old. I have PMP. I have had an ileo-colectomy, two HIPEC procedures and a full course of FOLFOX chemotherapy.

I am also a retired surgeon. I practiced pediatric surgery for 37 years. Despite multiple oral and written exams to retain my board certification in both general and pediatric surgery, I never encountered a question concerning PMP. In my years of practice, I had only one patient with PMP.

Despite my medical background, when I was first diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the appendix I did not know where to turn. Luckily, I found the PMP Pals web site. Without the web site I would have been lost. Using I found help in locating a physician and learning how to care for myself after HIPEC surgery. The site was invaluable.

I do want to help others since I do understand and have experienced the frustration in finding help. I would be available to serve as a guide and answer questions and help explain the clinical situation. But I am not your doctor. It must be clearly understood that I can offer help and information but not medical treatment. Clinical decisions involving your care must be made exclusively with your treating surgeon and/or oncologist.

Please feel free to call upon me and I will do my best to help you better understand your clinical situation.

I have also compiled twenty of my favorite PMP-related medical articles for your information.

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Arthur Rettig